Thursday, August 11, 2022
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The following are unsolicited letters from happy buyers)

Dear Ronn,

Thank you again for you willingness to work with me starting this November.  I sincerely look forward to it!  I called some of your former clients and Jill Baker absolutely couldn't say enough about you she went on and on about how helpful your were right down to a reputable home inspector.  Maura Bloom was also just as full of raves about you.

Being a great Buyer's Broker, you certainly have a sterling reputation.  Isn't it wonderful to know your clients think you are absolutely terrific?  Congratulations!  You deserve it and your Buyer Broker profession deserves it.


Dear Mr. Huth,

As I am sure you know, my husband and I recently bought a house through Buyer's Choice, with one of your agents.

She worked very hard, doing things such as driving by possible houses to pre-screen them for us and going to the town hall to research properties.  She did everything we asked of her cheerfully, and even thought up boring, yet useful, tasks for herself, like looking into the plans for the new Salem/Beverly bridge to see how that might impact different properties we were looking at.

She was both Sherlock Holmes and Mary Poppins.  One a number of occasions she drove over to our house with papers, and she even baby-sat our daughter for a short time the day after the closing when Kurt needed to meet a plumber at the new house.

We were pretty picky (we like to say "discerning") clients, and yet she was always patient and very concerned that we buy only the house that was right for us.  You are very fortunate to have agents like this as a part of your agency.

Yours sincerely,
Kurt and Shirley Decker-Lucke

Dear Ronn and Staff,

Seeing the supplement to last week's Danvers Herald prompted me to write a long overdue thank you for all the work you did a year ago to get me into The Meadows.  I appreciated so much your patience and the nudges you gave when I'd much sooner have put off until tomorrow those things that needed doing immediately.  And I also appreciated.  And I also appreciated your assistant's gracious offer to make phone calls for me to re-schedule the closing when my grandfather died.  You and your staff were terrific, and I'd highly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a home.

Thanks again for being so good at your jobs!

Andrea Forsythe

Testimonials from Buyer-Clients 

Dear Ronn,

I just wanted to write and express our gratitude for your help in purchasing our new home in Boxford.  I cannot imagine going through the home purchasing process without a buyer's broker on our side.

You were a tremendous help to us: from researching the best price for our home to communicating with the seller's agent on our behalf and recommending many fine businesses (home inspection, lawyers and insurance to name a few) that have helped us as we settle into our new home.

Your time and effort made the home buying process painless and easy.  We've already recommended buyer's brokers to several of our friends and if any of them come looking in your area, we will certainly tell them to contact you.

Thank you and we wish you the very best.

David and Hagan Rivers

Dear Ronn,

Thank you so much for all of your help in finding and obtaining the home of our dreams!  You've made buying our first home a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Mark & Emily Keaton

Thank You!  Thank You!

We could not have done this without you.  We'll miss our regular contact and conversations.  You probably won't miss our making so many calls to you pager. Thanks for being there for us.

Susan and Herrick Wales

Thank you for your helpfulness.  It meant for more than you can guess!  We so much appreciate your and all your hard work on our behalf.  May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

Gary, Holly and Alisa Parrett

Just a note to say thank you so much for all your help with this purchase.  It certainly wasn't an easy process given all the problems, but thanks to your hard work and smiling faces, the process had lots of positives.

You will have many glowing referrals from us in the future.  Your team was a real pleasure to work with.  Thanks again for all your help.

p.s.  Oh! And thanks you for the gingerbread house.  It smells wonderful and is decorating our living room.

Dave and Mary Riley

These smiley faces on the Merrill family are indicative of the good news that 8 big Rock is Under Agreement and soon to be ours.  As you can see, we are very pleased and appreciative of your efforts and patience in our long distance relocation from Singapore.

Dave Merrill

I just wanted to thank you for all your help in the purchase of my home.  I think the service you are offering is a great alternative for the consumer.  Keep up the good work.

Greg Candage

Testimonials from Buyer-Clients 


As you know, there were two full prices offers on the property and another buyer who is waiting to make a third offer.  As you can see from our counter offer form, our company can take multiple offers and counter them simultaneously.   The sellers, however, have decided to focus on your offer and not to ask the other parties if they would like to make a higher offer.

You buyers should know that their offer was chosen because you did such a good job in presenting who they are, why they wanted this home, and their financial qualifications.  The sellers love their house and loved the location.  They had many happy years there with their family.  They want their house to go to someone that appreciates the house and someone the sellers feel would be really happy there too.  The information you provided about their family and financial qualifications made them very comfortable in choosing your party to work with above the other potential buyers.