Friday, May 24, 2019
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Ronn Huth

10 Things Only a Buyer's Agent

Can Tell You

 Buying a home can be emotionally and financially stressful. Increasingly, home buyers are choosing to be represented by a Buyer's Agent to relieve the pressure of “buyer beware” in the home buying process.


#1 I Look Out For Your Best Interest The client level services required of a Buyer's Agent demand putting the buyer's interest above all others, including my own. I am obliged to give full loyalty and trust to my buyer and to follow the buyer's lawful instruction. Beyond doing what I'm told to do, I have the responsibility to protect the home buyer throughout the buying process and negotiate on my buyer's behalf. I approach the transaction as though I were buying for myself. When it's in my best interest to close and in the buyer's best interest to walk, we walk.


#2 Everything You Tell Me Is Strictly Confidential - As a Buyer's Agent, my clients can speak freely around me, knowing everything is kept in confidence. That includes how much they are willing to pay, time lines they are under, circumstances they are facing, and anything that would weaken their negotiating position. For example, if I am negotiating plumbing and heating issues, I probably shouldn't let the seller know that my buyer is a plumber. At the request of my buyer, I have even kept their name anonymous.


#3 The MLS Is Only Part Of Our Inventory - When viewing properties with a listing company, you will be shown all the company's listings first and then go into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to see what other firms are offering. As a Buyer's Agent, I listen to my buyer's wants and needs and then search the MLS, For Sale By Owner (FSBO), auction properties, expired listings, and properties not even on the market. For Sale By Owner's love working with me because I bring only capable buyers to their home.


#4 Something’s Fishy Here, Let’s Get More Information - Listing sheets don't always have all the information a buyer needs. Sometimes the listing information is incorrect. A Buyer's Agent will go to the Town Hall, Registry of Deeds, and other sources to verify specific details on the home.


#5 This Property Is Overpriced - It is my job to let the buyer know what a property is worth. I provide buyers with a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of each property they show an interest in purchasing. This information, though it is public record, is not allowed to be given to a buyer by a traditional agent. I help you interpret the information, using many different variables such as current market conditions, ratios of asking to selling price, and assessed value to sales price in the town.


#6 Maybe You Don’t Want to Live Here - Canvassing the neighborhood helps uncover things you may never find out otherwise.  Neighbors know such things as issues with a certain developer or contractor and also neighborhood stigmas and noise pollution.  Checking with local police can help determine any safety issues.


#7 Let’s Make Sure The Contract Is Buyer Protective - Most of the boilerplate forms are seller biased and do not protect the home buyer. I recently read of a couple who lost thousands of dollars in deposit money because they waived their financing contingency. That wouldn't have happened if they had had a Buyer's Agent. A Buyer's Agent will alert the buyer to protective language in the offer to purchase. Each situation demands its own approach. It's imperative that these clauses and riders to the purchase contract be reviewed by an attorney prior to signing. The Buyer's Agent and the buyer's attorney make an effective team. If you need to walk from the purchase, I know how to get your deposit money back.


#8 Let Me Help You Walk From This Purchase - There are times when a property is under agreement and everyone is expecting to close. Then, through due diligence efforts, I discover an issue that merits backing away from the property. The duty of the Buyer's Agent is to alert the buyer and help them to make this decision. If a buyer needs to walk away for any reason, I will help you do so, and I will also see that your deposit money is returned.


#9 Let’s Have A Thorough Home Inspection - Spending the money for a good home inspection is money well spent. A Buyer's Agent is much more friendly with the so‑called “deal killers” in the home inspection field. An ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) inspector is a good choice. Any significant surprises that emerge during the inspection are definite re-negotiating issues. This is where the Buyer's Agent and the home inspector team up effectively.


#10 What Will You Do With The Money You Save - Saving you money is only part of my job, but I love doing it. It's my legal and ethical responsibility to try to get you the best price and terms in the purchase. I will also help you shop for a lender, inspector, attorney, and insurance. I will review the final Settlement Statement prior to closing and assist you with the added protection of filing the Declaration of Homestead. If there are not significant savings somewhere in there, something's wrong!