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Massachusetts Association of RealtorsŪ
Sellerīs Description of Property

Seller's Statement

The seller authorizes the brokers or salespersons to provide the following information to prospective buyers.  This information is based upon the sellerīs actual knowledge and is not intended as a guarantee of the condition of the property or the continued satisfactory operation of any system.

Property Address __________________________________________





  1. Seller/Owner ____________________________________
    How long owner? ______________________
  1. How long occupied? ____________________
    Approximate year built? ___________________

  1. Do you know of any title problems (for example, easements, use restrictions or lot line disputes)? If yes, please explain.

    a) Do you know of any easements, common driveways, or rights of way pertaining to the property? If yes, explain

  1. Zoning classification of property ______________________

    1. Do you know of any zoning problems/violations? Explain

      a) Is the current use nonconforming in any way? Explain

    1. Do you know of any variances or special permits? Explain

    1. Has any work been done on the property which required a permit? If yes, explain.

      a) Were permits obtained?
      b) Was the work approved by inspector?

    1. Is the property in a flood zone or wetlands? Explain






    Do you know of any current problems with the systems listed below?  Please explain any work you have had done.

    1. Has there ever been an underground fuel tank? If yes, has it been removed? _________

    1. HEATING SYSTEM: Problems? Explain
      a) Approximate date of last service _____________
      b) Reason ________________________________
      c) Identify any unheated rooms ______________________
    1. DOMESTIC HOT WATER: Type _____________________
      Age _______ Burners owned or rented? _______________
      Problems? Explain _______________________________

    1. SEWAGE SYSTEM: Problems? Explain _______________________________________________
      Type: Municipal Sewer _____ Private _____ If private, describe type of system: (cesspool, septic tank, etc.)
      ___________________________________ Age ________
      Name of service company __________________________
      If private, date of last inspection _____________

      Did system fail inspection?
      Is system shared with other homes?
      Date it was last pumped _____________
      Frequency _______________________

    1. PLUMBING SYSTEM: Problems/Leaks/Freezing? Explain

      a) Bathroom ventilation problems? Explain

    1. DRINKING WATER SOURCE: Public ___ Private ___
      If private: a) Location _____________________________
      b) Age of pump __________________
      c) Date last tested ________________

      d) Any known problems with water quailty/quantity?

      e) Is there a filtration system? Age/Type of filtration system

      f) Water quality problems? Explain

      g) Flow rate (gal/min) _____________
      Report: Attached _______ Not Attached _______

    1. ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: Problems? Explain
    1. APPLIANCES: List appliances that are included

      Any known problems? If yes, explain

    1. SECURITY SYSTEM: None ___ Type _________
      Age _____ Company _____________________
    1. AIR CONDITIONING: Central ____ Window ____
      Other ____ None ____ Problems? Explain





    1. FOUNDATION: Problems? Explain

    1. BASEMENT: Water ____ Seepage ____ Dampness ____
      Explain amount, frequency, and location

      a) Sump Pump? If yes, age ____ location ___________
      Problems? ___________________________________

    1. ROOF: Problems? Explain
      Location of leaks/problems _______________________

    1. CHIMNEY/FIREPLACE: Date last cleaned _____________
      Problems? Explain
      Wood/Coal/Pellet Stove in compliance with installation regulations/code/bylaws? ____________ If not, explain

    1. FIRE/SMOKE DAMAGE: History of damage, if any
    1. FLOORS: Type of floors under carpet/linoleum

      Problems with floors (buckling, sagging, etc.)? Explain

    1. WALLS: a) INTERIOR Walls: Problems? Explain

      a) EXTERIOR Walls: Problems? Explain

    1. WINDOWS: Original ____ Replacement ____
      If replacement, age __________

    1. INSULATION: Does house have insulation?
      If yes, type _______________ Date installed ___________
      Location __________________


      a) Has UFFI (Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation) ever been installed? If yes, location ________________________

      b) Has testing for UFFI been performed? If yes attach report.

    1. ASBESTOS: Do you know whether asbestos is present in exterior shingles, pipe covering or boiler insulation?

      a) Has material been encapsulated?  If yes, explain how and when materials were encapsulated

    1. LEAD PAINT: Is lead paint present? If yes, locations (attach copy of inspection reports) __________________________
      If yes, describe abatement plan/interim controls, if any

      a) Has paint been encapsulated? If yes, when and by whom?

    1. RADON: Has test for radon been performed? If yes attach copy

    1. INSECTS: History of Termite/Insect/Pest Problems? If yes explain treatment and dates

    1. OTHER: Building/structural problems, explain





    1. If converting to condominium, are documents approved and recorded (Master/Unit deed etc.)?

    1. PARKING: Is parking space(s) included? If yes, are they deeded or common? ____________________

    1. CONDO FEES: Current fees for Unit are $______________
      Heat included?
      Electricity included?

    1. RESERVE FUND: Has an advance payment been made to a condo reserve fund? If yes, how much $__________

      Is reimbursement expected?

    1. CONDO ASSOC. INFO: Is ownersī association currently involved in any litigation?  If yes, explain





    1. NUMBER OF UNITS: ___________

        Have units been added/subdivided since original construction?
        If yes, have permits for new/added units been obtained?

      1. RENTS: Number of units occupied ______
        Rents paid $__________

        Any tenants without leases?
        Is owner holding last monthīs rent __________ security deposit? __________ If yes, had interest been paid? _____
        a) If security deposit held, attach a copy of statements. Attached _____ Not attached _____





      1. Water drainage problems? Explain __________________

      1. Do you know of any other problems which may affect the value or use of the property which may not be obvious to a prospective buyer? _______________________________


         The following clauses are provided for descriptive purposes only. For detailed information, consult the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, or other appropriate agency, or your attorney.

      A. Flood Hazard Insurance Disclosure Clause

      The lender may require Flood Hazard Insurance as a condition of the mortgage loan if the lender determines that the premises is in a flood hazard zone.

      B. Chlordane Disclosure Clause (Question 47)

      Pesticide products containing chlordane were banned in Massachusetts on June 11, 1985, following a determination by the Department of Food and Agriculture that the use of chlordane may cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment including a risk of cancer. Although existing data does not conclusively prove that significant health effects have occurred as a direct result of chlordane use, the long-term potential health risks are such that it is prudent public health policy, according to the Department, to eliminate the further introduction of chlordane into the environment.

      C. Urea-Formaldehyde Foam Insulation Disclosure Clause

      The buyer acknowledges that he has been advised that Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (UFFI) has been declared by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) to be a banned hazardous substance and that new installation is prohibited. Where UFFI was previously installed, the seller is required to advise the buyer (1) where such UFFI is located and, if known, when it was installed; (2) a copy of test results concerning the air level of formaldehyde, and (3) a copy of information from the DPH concerning UFFI and formaldehyde levels. Under certain circumstances the cost of removal may be reimbursed. Exposure to hazardous levels of formaldehyde may cause personal injuries, including headaches, nausea or cancer. The buyer acknowledges that he has been advised to consult the DPH or his attorney for further information.

      D. Asbestos Disclosure Clause

      The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission has maintained that asbestos materials are hazardous if they release separate fibers which can be inhaled. Asbestos is a common insulation material on heating pipes, boilers, and furnaces. It may also be present in certain types of floor and ceiling materials, shingles, plaster products, cements and other building materials. The buyer may have the property professionally inspected for the presence of asbestos and if repair or removal of asbestos is desired, proper safety guidelines must be observed.

      E. Lead Paint Disclosure Clause

      Whenever a child under six years of age resides in any residential premises in which any paint, plaster or other accessible material contains dangerous levels of lead, the owner is required by law, to remove all said paint, plaster or cover with appropriate materials so as to make in inaccessible to a child under six years of age. Consumption of lead is poisonous and may cause serious personal injury. Whenever such residential premises containing dangerous levels of lead undergoes a change of ownership, as a result, a child under six years of age will become a resident, the new owner is required by law to remove said paint, plaster or cover with appropriate materials so as to make it inaccessible to such child.

      F. Hazardous Materials Disclosure Clause

      In certain circumstances Massachusetts law can hold an owner of real estate liable to pay for the cost of removing hazardous or toxic materials from real estate and for damages resulting from the release of such materials, according to the Massachusetts Oil and Hazardous Material Release and Response Act, General Laws, Chapter 21E. The buyer acknowledges that he may have the property professionally inspected for the presence of, or the substantial likelihood of release of oil or hazardous material and such proof of inspection may be required as a prerequisite for financing the property.

      G. Radon Disclosure Clause

      Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas produced naturally, in the ground by the normal decay of uranium and radium. Radon can lead to the development of radioactive particles which can be inhaled. Studies indicate the result of extended exposure to high levels of radon may increase the risk of developing lung cancer.


         Seller(s) hereby acknowledge that the information set forth above is true and accurate to the best of my (our) knowledge. I (we) further agree to defend and indemnify the broker(s) and any subagents for disclosure of any of the information contained herein. Seller(s) further acknowledge receipt of copy of Sellerīs Description of Property.

         Seller _____________________________________ Date ______________

         Seller _____________________________________ Date ______________

         Buyer/Prospective Buyer acknowledges receipt of Sellerīs Description of Property. Buyer acknowledges that Broker has not verified the information herein and Buyer has been advised to verify information independently.

         Buyer _____________________________________ Date ______________

         Buyer _____________________________________ Date ______________