Friday, May 24, 2019
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Not to be confused with 50 ways to leave your lover

(Make 'em walk in the back Jack, Get a new plan Stan, stop hoggin' the key Lee and give it to me).

Good strategies to make buyers HATE your house.

Buyers will be eager to RUN away from your home for the following reasons:

Smelly house odors.

Toys strewn along the lawn or driveway.

Gutters with plants growing out of them.

Sellers who lurk over the buyer’s shoulders.

Shoes or clutter going up the stairs.


Insects, spiders, roaches or bugs of any kind.

Gaudy or “busy”wallpaper.

Clothing scattered on a bed or bedroom chairs

Piles of clothing everywhere.

Barking or growling dogs


Damp and smelly Basements

Dimly Lighted Rooms

Dirty Bathrooms

Dogs that meet you at the door or in the driveway

Children running around the inside of the house.


Smoke stains and odor.

Filthy carpets and floors.

Dirt floor in a basement.

Having to enter the basement from outside the house.

Unable to stand up in the basement.


Owners or visitors in various rooms during showings.

Food scraps on table or counters.

Home is in disrepair

Diapers in the toilet

Pets in the house during showing


Children under foot during showings.

Home is obviously overpriced.

Broken or cracked windows.

Dead plants or plantings.

Fake plants with dusty leaves.


Stained walls and ceilings.

Unmade beds.

Exposed Dirty Sheets

Under garments and socks on floor.

Sink full of dishes.


No handrails on the stairs.

Dirt rings in the bathtub.

Burnt food on the stovetop

People watching TV during showings

Audible voice mail messages during showings.


Cramped closets stuffed with clothes.

Few or no windows

Broken window sashes.

Paint peeling from ceilings.

Garage filled with junk.


Soiled towels and dish cloths

Inaccessible Rooms

Mold on the roof and exterior

Doors that don’t close.

Mice Droppings in the house


And I bet you can think of fifty more.

And don't you just love it when no one gives answers to any of your questions?