Monday, May 23, 2022
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 We Educate and Protect Home Buyers

 Locating, EvaluatingNegotiating, and Advocating a successful Home Purchase

We are a unique real estate buyers' resource totally dedicated to the home buyers' interest.  We are knowledgeable, experienced, and work exclusively for our client's interest.  We are in your corner, workng for you, on your side, protecting your financial interest.  Why buy a home any other way? 

Why Should I Hire an Exclusive Buyer Agent?.   

"What can we do for you that any other real estate agent couldn't do?"


Give you 100% loyalty 100% of the time
Other agencies must either work against you or have split dual agency loyalties

Put your best interest before all others including our own
A seller's agent puts the seller's interest first and then their personal interest

Have the endorsement of consumer advocates and the media
Consumer advocates Ralph Nader and Steve Brobeck recommend the use of Exclusive Buyer's Agents

Help you avoid costly mistakes
Due diligence is performed on your behalf to eliminate any surprises

Save you grief, time, and money
On the purchase price, lender, home inspection, inspector, insurance, etc.

Maintain strict confidentiality
How much you can or will pay, time lines, personal circumstances, and anything that weakens your position

Work for you as a consultant rather than with you as a sales person
A home purchased through us is Bought; not Sold. You make an informed choice on data we gather for you 


Begin by showing all homes listed in the Multiple Listing Service
It benefits other agents to show their own listings first, then their company's, then selected MLS homes

Show For Sale By Owner, Expired Listings, and homes not on the market
Other agencies don't show beyond the MLS and often ignore "Entry Only" listings

Show homes marketed by Discount Listing firms
Discount firms may welcome Buyer's agents, but discourage participation of MLS Realtors

Tell you when a property is over priced
A seller's agent must support the seller's asking price and they get paid accordingly

Look for reasons not to buy
Seller's agents can't legally discourage you from buying, they must try to sell you the property

Provide you with a (CMA) Comparative Market Analysis
Only a buyer's Agent can give you a CMA and help you determine the fair market value of the property

Investigate the property, neighborhood, and seller's motive for sale
Any such research which weakens the seller's position is inappropriate for a seller's agent

Tell you key questions to ask
Things they don't have to disclose they must answer if you ask 


Negotiate the lowest possible price for you
Other agents can't negotiate for you at all; they must get the highest price for the seller

Adjust the offer form in your favor
Most boiler plate offer forms are seller biased and other agent's can't suggest otherwise

Validate the listing information at Town Hall and Registry of Deeds
This research confirms the owner of record, accurate square footage, tax assessment, title concerns, permit or sewage issues, building and set back requirements, future development plans, environmental issues, stigmas, etc.

Relay to you any information that will enhance your bargaining position
Buyer's agents must disclose to a buyer information that seller's agents cannot

Alert you when to back out of a property and help you do it without loss
Only a Buyer's Agent can help you walk from a purchase. Other agents must try to hold it together for the seller

Recommend a good, thorough, Home Inspector and specific inspections
State law allows only buyer agents to refer because the seller's agent want someone who won't stir up trouble

Renegotiate after the Home Inspection
The Buyer's Agent and Home Inspector team up effectively to address any surprises, issues, or concerns 


Promote and protect your best interest among needed professionals
Seller's agents must promote and protect the seller's best interest

See that proper legal protection is provided you in the written P&S contract
We know the issues and make certain an attorney has language that covers you

Accompany and coach you in the Final Walk Through
Punch lists, check systems, appliances working, debris free, unresolved issues, need for seller to escrow

Review the HUD Settlement Statement for accuracy
Everything from excessive fees to proper handling of compensation

Monitor the closing on your behalf
We work in conjunction with your attorney to attend and represent you at the closing

Help you with concerns after closing
Seller's agents don't want to hear your problems after the closing. We encourage your call.

We're Different


When buying an MLS property you are going to pay the cost of an agent either way because it's built into the sales price.

Do you want to pay to have someone work FOR you or AGAINST you?



Two real estate commissions are built into the sales price of a home sold by a Real Estate company. Usually half is given to the real estate company who brings a buyer and the other half is kept by the company who lists the property. If the company who lists the property also brings the buyer, then they keep both the listing and buying commissions. Most Real Estate firms offer the same fee to a Buyer's Agent so the seller is paying our fee on your behalf. Try us and see!

When you find a home you would like to visit, call (800) 252-8937 or call Melissa directly at (617) 875-0990. Or just email us and we will quickly set up a personal tour with you. If you want to buy it, we will give you a detailed history of the property and show you what it's really worth.  Then we will negotiate the property on your behalf, find a really good home inspector for you, renegotiate any home inspection issues, and work with an attorney to make sure there are protective clauses in the Purchase and Sale agreement.  We're on your side at no extra cost!  

The following links tell more about us and how we work.

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We're Different


Why Should I Hire an Exclusive Buyer Agent?