Thursday, August 11, 2022
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All Real Estate Agents are Not the Same

Buyer's Choice is the area's first and largest Exclusive Buyer Agency

We are Specialists in Home Buying and Representation 

Here’s How We’re Different. 



We Have a Better Way to Buy a Home

Working as your consultant and advocate rather than as a salesperson.

 We are real estate counselors, investigators, and negotiators. 


We Help You Shop Homes and Loans

We're not lenders or listing agents, but we can get you the best home and the best loan

It is our duty to locate, evaluate, negotiate and fully advocate for you.


We’ve Never Sold a House

Our buyers leave the closing table with a home they bought, not one they were sold.


Buyer Representation without Conflict

We're Dedicated (not Designated) Agents, all working 100% for buyers only and always.


When You Speak - We Listen

Not distracted with listings - We're totally focused on your purchase wants and needs. 




We Show Houses Others Refuse to Show

Many agents refuse to show "Entry Only" and other discount listings.


We Negotiate a Better Deal for You

We prove the statistics that say a represented homebuyer does better.


Saving You Money is Only Part of our Job

We save you time, risk, and stress as we help you avoid costly mistakes.


 For Sale By Owner Alert System

We aggressively seek and negotiate properties For Sale By Owner.




We Use Quality and Thorough Home Inspectors

State law allows us to recommend what other agents cannot.


We Answer Questions others Never Ask

Since 1990 we've known what to ask and how to find the answers.


Cash Rebates at Closing

We're not a discount firm, but ask us about cash back at closing.


Easy Exit

We don't trap you into having to buy a home with us, you can terminate anytime.




We All Work Together to Serve You

Not just one agent, but each of us is committed to helping aevery homebuyer we represent.


We're Experienced, Highly Respected Buyer Agents

Other Realtors call us to get answers to their questions about Buyer Representation.


We Make Home Buying a Pleasant Experience

Buying a home should be fun.  Laugh with us as together we accomplish your goals.



Questions to ask any Buyer's Agent