Thursday, August 11, 2022
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We're Different
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Most real estate agents work for sellers,
Some try to work for buyers and sellers,
We work only for you!

We're changing the way people buy homes.

Traditional Method

Traditional Method

Buyer´s Choice Method

Buyer's Choice Realty's method

EXPERIENCE - We are the oldest and largest. We were the first Exclusive Buyer Brokerage office to open in this area and we have more agents than any similar firm.

EXCLUSIVITY - To protect our total commitment to buyers, we do not accept listings. Buyers are our only business and we are totally focused on their wants and needs.

COVERAGE - With multiple offices we can cover a wide geography. Our unique referral network puts you in touch with an agent who can represent you when we can't.

PERFORMANCE - We don't want to be Number One. We want you to be! Our success is evaluated on how well we serve our buyer clients and not on our volume.

LOYALTY - We go the extra mile. We stick with our buyers from issue to issue and town to town rather than pass you off on another office. We pledge you our allegiance.

ANSWERS - We give attention to detail and diligently research all appropriate questions and concerns. If you have questions about Buyer Agency visit our Q&A section.

TRAINING - All of our agents are carefully trained and are continually upgrading their credential in buyer agency. We have more certifications than any other buyer agency.

STANDARDS - We go beyond the legal requirements to provide you with the highest standards. We adhere to the Realtor Code of Ethics and NAEBA Standards of Practice.

PROTECTION - We protect you and place your interest above all others including our own. We alert you when to walk from a purchase and help get your deposit back.